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M is for Mousies - Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday, Round 7 - M

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Hello folks! Sara Cat here. Once again my Mommie/Mummy, Anna, has given me an assignment to post something for Mrs. Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday - Round 7. This week is devoted to the letter M. Can you guess what my M-word is?? Yes! My M-word is MOUSE! Yippie!!

Source: Wikipedia

M is for Mouse, or more specifically 'house mouse'. The house mouse is a small fur covered animal, a rodent, that lives near the two-leggeds and has done so for many, many years. They don't live in the wild at all. You will never find a house mouse in the woods. A vole or a shrew or a field mouse or a lemming or a muskrat/musquash or even a dormouse, but not a house mouse.

As a representative of a species that also has a long history of living near the two-leggeds, I can explain how these two groups have had a parallell development through history. We cats became tame (but not domesticated like sheep or cattle) when we were offered a partnership, a job, to put it simply, by the two-leggeds. As humans (another word for the two-leggeds) stopped hunting and gathering food and begain farming and raising crops, they discovered that they needed help with guarding their grain stores. Mice eat anything and loved to eat their grain. So we were introduced as guardians of the store bins! Why? Because we don't eat grain! We are meateaters only, carnivores. We hunted the little grain-thieves in the grain bins and kept them free from these intruders. This was our ticket to a long journey in partnership with humans and basically why cats are to be found almost all over the world. (Maybe we should be thankful to the little mousies?)

Source: Wikipedia

Here is a little poem I put together today in honour of all house mice:

An Ode to a Mouse (That's the title)

Oh sweet mousey, how I love you.
You are so little and soft and cute and furry!
Your sweet whiskers, your pink little nose,
Now wait a minute, what's your hurry?

Oh sweet mousey, how I love you,
Your pretty eyes, and little paws,
Let me hold you by your nice tail,
Let me hug you with my paws!

No, don't run away now, I'm not finished yet!

Oh sweet mousey, how I love you,
You smell so sweet, let me sniff you.
Let me lick your fur, or bite you - just a little.
Oops, Sorry. Shouldn't have done that.

Oh sweet mousey, how I loved you,
All the way down to my tummy.
So sad that you're gone.
You sure were yummy!

(I think I'll go take a little nap now...)



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Sylvia K.
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30 kommentarer:

Sylvia K sa...

Love your fun M for the day, Sara Cat and Sara Katt! Hope the rest of your week goes well! Enjoy!


Cezar and Léia sa...

Sweet Sara, you are adorable, what a wonderful idea, I also like chasing mouses here, but as I'm a catindoor, I chase cats in my dreams!Also good! :)
My mommy has a M theme in her blog but I'm here visiting you with her, because I also have a blog!
Your blog is wonderful, so nice to meet you!
purrs and love

and mommy Léia from Bonjour Luxembourg

photowannabe sa...

Love your poem Sara Cat. I hope you enjoyed your tastey treat.

Nanka sa...

The cat had a yummy dinner but it is still eeeeks!! for me at the sight of a mouse.But did love the pink nosed ones :)

Roger Owen Green sa...

I like house mice - but not in MY house!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Mara sa...

I love your little poem. I feel for the poor mouse though.

Anonym sa...

Now that's the PURRfect post for "M"

Anonym sa...

Oh my gosh, that ode was soooo funny!

Joy sa...

An ode of a contented cat. Very funny.

Summer at sparklecat.com sa...

Sara, I think that was just about the best poem ever!

BeadedTail sa...

We enjoyed your poem Sara! Now we're thinking about mousies!

Kay L. Davies sa...

What a fun M for ABC Monday, and what a pretty cat.

Kay, Alberta

batsick sa...

I love cats! Those mice were very cute looking! Here's mine

Jay sa...

Hahaha! I had a feeling that was the way the poem was going! LOL!

That's a great post! Love the history lesson - dogs did the same, only it was guarding animals and people instead of eating mice, then later, helping to hunt. No wonder cats and dogs are to be found all over the world!

Oh behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

jabblog sa...

Sara Cat, what an interesting post you've written and your style is so much better than our Winston's.
AND you're a poet, too - I don't think many mice will be coming your way very soon, though I suppose word can't get out, can it? ;-)

NanU sa...

hooray for mice! They make very convenient catsnacks.

Strawberry Jam Anne sa...

Mousie is a purrfect choice Sara Cat.

Wanda sa...

What a fun and furry post... I'm smiling all the way through!!!

the booker man sa...

miss sara cat,
i like your M is for mouse post very much, especially your poem. i think the mice are gonna be hidin' from you from now on though!! heehee.

the booker man

Splendid Little Stars sa...

Fun post! love the cute little mousies! not so fond of them in my house, though. I guess I need to be grateful for them, since I now have cats in my life.
Sara Cat, that is one wonderful poem!

Jo sa...

What a wonderfull bit of information and and adorable little poem!

Susan Anderson sa...

Such a talented kitty poet you are!


Francisca sa...


Reader Wil sa...

Ja, Anna, det var hyggelig! Vi hadde en katt som Sara, men hun ble overkjørt av en bil. Dette var veldig trist. Det er grunnen til at jeg ikke tar en annen katt.

Vinay Leo R. sa...

ah.. the cat writes about the mouse! :D hehe! purrrrrfect too I'd say too! :D ;)

Carver sa...

Great post for the letter M. Good shots and I had to laugh at the funny ode.

Rajesh sa...

Wonderful post.

Gerald (SK14) sa...

ah so sweet - it cheered me up but I'm glad I'm not a mouse.

RuneE sa...

Den hadde hatt det kjedelig her omkring - bare PC-muser...

Jandra Zhang sa...

fluffy my cutie name . .
so cute when to see cat. just like my GF. always miaw . .

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