torsdag 7 april 2011

L is for Lucifer- Mrs. Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday - L

L is for Lucifer, as in Lucifer the Cat in Walt Disney's Cinderella.
In the original folk tale/fairy tale-versions of Cinderella that Charles Perrault (1697)

and then, Aschenputtel, that the brothers Grimm have written, there is no cat, only birds.

When the animated film was man someone decided that a stronger animal subplot would help this fairy tale.

As a cat myself, I am always happy to find important leading rolls given to deserving cats.

Lucifer is a shady character since he his loyal to the evil stepmother who gives Cinderella a hard time.

But face it. Lucifer is a wonderful character! He does have a certain charm, even if he is a bad guy.

He's loyal to till his mistress and he's a good mouser.

Objectively speaking, he is everything any young tom could dream about becoming. (He looks alot like my mother, Cajsa, too.)

It's just a pity that his name is 'Lucifer'.

'Lucifer' means 'the Devil', and really type-casts this roll.

This is another post about well-known cats in literature, the cinema and popular culture, that every kitten should learn about. Lucifer belongs to our feline-heritage, even if he is kind of a bad-egg.

Sara Cat

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Roger Owen Green sa...

Sara - I appreciate you trying to be fair and balanced about your animated friend.

ROG, ABC wednesday team

Halie sa...

That's a good view Sara. Thanks for linking up!


Mariuca sa...

LOL so cute! I know right? Lucifer it seems but he's still one adorable meow! :D:D

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