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P is for Present(s), Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday - Round 3 - P

Jenny Matlock

I'm helping my two-legged Mummy/Mommie by posting for Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Challenge. This week's letter is P. For me, P is for Present(s), which any good cat can receive from time to time. Mummy/Mommie bought a special climbing/clawing thing-a-ma-jig from a pet store. This is what it looks like:
Jag hjälper matte genom att göra ett inlägg för "Mrs Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday-Round 3 - P". Denna veckas bokstav är P; "P som i Presenter" tycker jag passar bra. Matte köpte en klätterställning åt mig på zooaffär, och ser ut så här:

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

Yes, it is nice, but I don't use it. I am hoping that my new half-siblings will like it. But I don't. There are so many other things that are much better and more fun to climb and claw, such as my ladder (I get to be as tall as Mummy/Mommie and can rub noses with her) :
Visst är fin, men jag använder den inte. Hoppas att småsyskonen gillar den, men jag gör inte det. Det finns så mycket annat som är roligare att klättra på och klösa, som t.ex. min stege (som gör att jag blir lika lång som matte och kan nosa med henne):

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

And of course brown boxes! One advantage of the move to the new apartment is that there are suddenly lots and lots of brown boxes, everywhere! Look at this solid block of boxes stacked in the middle of the bedroom. (There is hardly any floor-space left!):
Och naturligtvis bruna papplådor! En fördel med flytten till den nya lägenheten är att det plötsligt finns massor av bruna kartonger överallt! Se på den här kompakta kuben som består av flyttkartonger staplade mitt i sovrummet. (Det finns knappt någon golvyta kvar!):

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

No problem! This is what I call a 'Climb & Claw-Toy'! It really puts that puny toy from the pet shop to shame. See how I use it here:
Men inga problem! Så här använder jag min "klätterklösleksak"! Det här sätter den inköpta leksaken på plats. Se hur jag använder den:

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

And from another angle. (I can leap up on top of these closets to the right, but Mummy / Mommie does not like me to do that, so I try not to do that) :
Från en annan vinkel. (Jag kan hoppa upp på garderoben till höger på bilden, men matte gillar inte det, så jag föesöker låta bli):

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

But this box is still my favourite place to sleep (look at the far left-hand corner to find me):
Men det här lådan är min mest älsklade sovplats (titta på det övre vänstra hörnet för att hitta mig):

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

Here's a closer shot of me sleeping on the same box:
Här har vi en närbild på mig när jag sover på samma låda:

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

So be careful when you buy presents for your cat at the pet-store. We felines are very particular (=picky, also a P-word) and may not like what you choose.
Så tänk efter när du handlar presenter åt katten på zooaffären. Vi katter är petiga (ännu ett P-ord) och det är inte skert att presenten som du väljer blir uppskattad.

Purrs (yet another a P-word), / Nospussar,
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

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Jenny Matlock

8 kommentarer:

La sa...

Sara Cat you are much little the kids in my family. They always enjoy the boxes more than the gifts themselves.

To the Toy Box and Beyond sa...

cute cat. He sounds alot like my baby Would rather play with the boxes than the toys themself

Unknown sa...

The boxes look like the perfect climbing structure.

The Poet sa...

Hello Sara Cat.
This is such a fun post and you are the cutest kitty. The boxes do indeed look like a lot more fun.

Thank you for sharing.

Mr Puddy sa...

Ha..Ha..Ha..Sara, I'm half the same : )
I never sit on my cat tree, But I do use the scratch pole..heh..heh....And I don't blame you at all..The steps and the boxes look more nicer to sit and lie down...heh..heh..Poor mommy : )
Have a lovely day
and Thanks to visit me
Happy Hugs

Jenny sa...

Well, darn Miss Sara.

I wish I could come and help your Mom unpack some of those fun brown boxes.

Don't you think you could be a little more useful with that? Perhaps you could put some linens away for her!

What a cute link.

Thanks for coming to visit us on Alphabe-Thursday's letter "P".

You're very cute!


Neni sa...

A Sara Cat blogger! what an idea! :)
Cute Cat...

Anonym sa...

We love furbabies over here at our house, and brown boxes are the furybest to try to fit inside, climb and scratch. Mommy likes to pull us around on the floor when we are in a box, and we like it too cause the noises make for great get-em games.

Happy dreams.


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