onsdag 17 augusti 2011

R is for Roses - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday . Round 3 - R

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

Jenny Matlock

I'm helping my two-legged Mummy/Mommie by posting for Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday Challenge. This week's letter is R.

My four little kitten-siblings came home from the farm with the two-legged kits the day before yesterday. I'll make this post short for obvious reason. Here is my poem for the letter R, 'Roses are Red':

Roses are red, and violets are blue,
Gone is my summer, once it was new.

Four little kitties, are driving me wild,
There's nowhere to hide from a four-footed child.

They've taken all places, where I formerly napped,
Help me! Oh, Ceiling-Cat! I'm feeling quite trapped!

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

Purrs, / Nospussar,
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

Text & Photograph Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

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The Maaaaa of Pricilla

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Jenny Matlock

8 kommentarer:

brokenteepee sa...

You are so sweet

EG CameraGirl sa...

Hang in there! The kittens WILL grow up. :)

Vintagesouthernlife sa...

Awwww they are so cute! Share your nap spot and they will share their love.

My name is Riet sa...

What a lovely R post. *I love the kittens

JDaniel4's Mom sa...

Kittens have a neverendind fount of energy. They make me tired.

Susan Anderson sa...


Always good to hear from Sara Cat. (Never knew she was a poet!)


Judie sa...

Sara Cat is certainly an excellent writer!!!

Jenny sa...

Oh Sara. Cats or humans...sometimes our children just get overwhelming. Maybe your Mom can get you some earplugs or take the kittens out for an afternoon!

Thanks for linking up.

Your poem was really cute.


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