måndag 12 oktober 2009

Måndag: Välkommen hem Calle Katt! / Monday: Welcome home Calle Cat! (CC # 79)

Brodern Calle Katt kom hem från landet igår kväll. Han har lekt vild katt under fyra månader. Välkommen hem Calle!
My orange-tabby brother Calle Cat came home last night! He had been on the farm playing wild cat for four months. Welcome home Calle!

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9 kommentarer:

The Creek Cats sa...

Welcome home, Calle!!!

eileeninmd sa...

Cute kittie and welcome home. Thanks for sharing your critter.

Quilt Works sa...

What a great photo! really shows the spirit of the house welcome!

I woud like to invite you to join a free giveaway of one of my original artworks

The Whiskeratti sa...

What a cute little orange guy!

Anonym sa...

Welcome home!!! We've missed you guys!!!

CATS 4 MEOWS sa...

Hey cute, Come get your stamp purrss

Sara Katt sa...

To "The Creek Cats", "eileeninmd", "Quilt Works", "The Whiskeratti" and "The Kool-Kittie-Krew"
Thank you for visiting our blog and commenting on Calle Cat's return to us.
I was so late with this post that I did not expect anyone to visit us.
Purrs from
Sara Cat, Cajsa-Mamma Cat and now even Calle Ginger-Tabby Boy-Cat

Pam sa...

Welcome home! We have a cat that looks like that which moved to my inlaw's farm.

Pricilla sa...

Sara Cat,
thank you for visiting my blog. I am most happy to be not of my species friends with you. I am going to follow your blog and put you on my blogroll.

The publicist has a new orange cat named Sherpa. The male person brought him home from the shelter for her because she was sad that Farm cat Fred was lost.

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