lördag 3 oktober 2009

Saturday's PhotoHunt-theme # 181: "Words" / Lördagens fotojakttema nr 181: "Ord"

Because both Anna and Tina are busy making new jewellery, it's our turn to do something for the PhotoHunt theme today.
Eftersom både Anna och Tina verkar vara upptagna av smyckes tillverkning är det vår tur att komma med ett inlägg till veckans fotojakt.

Words mean a lot to a writer such as myself. I really do love words.
Eftersom ord betyder allt för en skribent, tycker jag verkligen om ord.

But there are so very many words, and I am only a very small, tiny, wee, little cat.
Men det finns så många ord och jag är bara en pytteliten, inte så stor, liten katt.

Happy Weekend from Sara Cat / Kära hälsningar från Sara Katt

17 kommentarer:

Brita sa...

Small cats are usually very good with words, big, small and especially unspoken. The purrrfect language, best of them all.

Tack för besöket Christina. Sara katt är så söt och dina smycket såååå fina.
Kram till er båda

jams o donnell sa...

Aww you are such a cute little cat. I love your take on the theme

Sara Katt sa...

Kära Brita!
Tack för dina rara ord om katter!
Dear Jams,
Thank you for visiting and for you your kind words!

Sara Cat and Mommie
Sara Katt o matte

magiceye sa...

you sure are one smart cat!

Randi sa...

Så liten och söt - med stort förstånd!
PHelt underbart tolkning.

The Island Cats sa...

But you're a cute tiny wee cat!!

RJ Flamingo sa...

Great post! Even a tiny, wee cat can appreciate the power of words. :-)

Susanne sa...

Love how the blue book pops out against the white ones.

Daisy sa...

Whoa! Sara, how did you get so tiny!?!

CRIZ LAI sa...

I see that you have a book that I use very often to check on words... the dictionary.. LOL! :P


Life Ramblings sa...

you're such a smart cat Sara. cute take on the theme.

SquirrelQueen sa...

Oh, Sara Cat, you are such a beautiful kitty and so very smart.

stan sa...

what a sweet looking figurine!

Anya sa...

Its a very cute post
little beautiful cat =^.^=

Anonym sa...

Such a tiny little cat you are Sara! Hope you can grow big again! Our mom loves words too!

Pam sa...

You do a great job with words for such a small cat!

Momo and Pinot sa...

A little kitty is so cute!!

Momo & Pinot

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