fredag 11 december 2009

Fluffy Friday # 2 / Dunig-fjunig-fredag nr 2

This is Meow Diaries' second edition of the new meme "Fluffy Friday". Here's my "fluffy-post":
Det här är Meow Diaries andra upplaga av det nya temaspelet "Dunig-fjunig-fredag". Här är mitt "fluffiga inlägg":

Happy Fluffy Friday
Sara Cat

Share your fluffy friends with us every Friday! Whether it's a favourite stuffed toy or an adorable pet - basically anything fluffy, we'd love to see your pictures! Leave ONLY the POST URL here and grab the Fluffy Friday badge at Meow Diaries. All links are reserved STRICTLY for Fluffy Friday participants and any unrelated links will be deleted.

7 kommentarer:

Pricilla sa...

I love your purrple fluffy friend!

Mariuca sa...

Hola Sara! I love your picture series, ur daughter playing peek-a-boo with her fluffy elephant ha ha ha! :)

Mariuca sa...

Happy Fluffy Friday to you and thanks for playing this week too. Enjoy your weekend! :)

Mariuca sa...

Hi Sara!!Sorry this is ur sister eh? Hahaha but she is so adorable too! Love toddlers when they're this age.. hugs! :)

The Creek Cats sa...

Happy Fluffy Friday!!

LadyJava sa...

Aww.. that's cute :)

Pam sa...

That is one cute fluffy friend picture!

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