torsdag 25 februari 2010

Fluffy Friday # 13 / Dunig-fjunig-fredag nr 13

This is my Fluffy Friday-post. Yes, I know I shouldn't use a photo of myself, but I do have a fluffy coat, so this will have to do.
Det här är mitt inlägg för Meow Diaries Fjunig-fredagstema. Visst är det kanske inte så bra att använda en bild på sig själv, men jag har ju en dunig, fluffig päls, så det får duga den här gången!

Happy Weekend! / Trevlig Helg!
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

Share your fluffy friends with us every Friday! Whether it's a favourite stuffed toy or an adorable pet - basically anything fluffy, we'd love to see your pictures & stories! Leave ONLY the POST URL here and grab the Fluffy Friday badge at Meow Diaries. Any unrelated links will be deleted.

6 kommentarer:

The Creek Cats sa...

Awww! That's such a cute picture! Happy weekend, friend!

Mariuca sa...

Hi Sara! I was having problem coming here from ur link...then I realized u entered ur link as http://sarakatt.blogspot.Som/ instead of com ha ha! Already fixed it on my end and ur link is okay again, yay! :)

Mariuca sa...

Happy Fluffy Friday Sara, that is indeed a very pretty picture! Happy weekend to u and thanks for playing dis week too, meow meow! :)

Pebbles sa...

Awww, look like he/she's got the beginnings of a wink there ... hehehe ...

Happy Fluffy Friday :D

Sónia Mendes sa...

You sure are fluffy, but you don't look so happy in that picture. Or maybe you're just sleepy.

Purrs from Gotchi

LV sa...

The young always enjoy the snows. It is pretty for awhile, but this year nature over did herself.

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