söndag 25 april 2010

Farewell to Blogger-Cat Minnie - Farväl till Minnie

This is Minnie. / Det här är Minnie.

One of Lady Java's much loved cats, Minnie, passed away yesterday. Read about her here.
En av Lady Java's älskade katter, Minnie, somnade in igår. Läs om henne här.
Purrs, /
Med mjuk tass,
Sara Cat /
Sara Katt

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the Casbah Kitten

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Anonym sa...

Oh how sad. We're going to send purrs to Minnie's family. . . .

Sara Katt sa...

Thank you. I think Smokey and Lady Java would like that.
Sara Cat

Anonym sa...

We are so sorry for the loss of your furriend. She is a beautiful girl and she must look lovely with her new Angel Wings. We will go pay our respects to her family.

Fly Free Sweet Girl!

Mariuca sa...

FArewell Minnie, u will be missed.... sad day for meows indeed, hugs all around!

LadyJava sa...

Aww. thank you so much for this nice post.. we at Blogger Cats really appreciate it.. Minnie was a strong kitty. She fought till the end.. Rest in peace.. dear sweet girl.. We love you and will miss you dearly...

Thanks again Sara Katt!
We love you!!

Sara Katt sa...

Bless you Lady Java!
Sara Katt

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