fredag 23 april 2010

Fluffy Friday #21 / Dunig fredag nr 21- Sara goes out, Sara går ut

It's spring! And I am actually going out to take a look.
Det är vår! Och jag tänker gå ut och titta.

Cajsa-mamma wants to come along too. Cajsa-mamma följer också med.

Anna opens the door. Matte öppnar dörren.

But what do we see? Men vad ser vi härute?

Snow! On April 22nd! Hopefully, it is the very, very last snow.

Snö! Den 22 april! Hoppas bara att det är vinterns allra sista.

So I think I'll just stay inside and roll in my rug.

Jag tror att jag stannar inomhus och gosa med mattan här.

Our very best wishes and prays for a good recovery for Smokey and Minnie. Cajsa-Mamma Cat, Calle Cat and me,
Sara Cat

Vi önskar ett snabbt tillfrisknande och skickar våra bästa hälsningar till Smokey och Minnie
Cajsa Katt, Calle Katt och Sara Katt, genom
Sara Katt

First Commenter:
Daisy the Curly Cat


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7 kommentarer:

Daisy sa...

Not more snow! Stay warm there.

ps: You have a pretty staircase!

Mariuca sa...

What a lovely staircase Anna, your home looks really cozy inside too, wow! :)

Mariuca sa...

Poor Smokey and Minnie, out thoughts are with LJ and her fur kids too, Happy Fluffy Friday! :)

Anonym sa...

SNOW?!? YUCK! We hope it melts soon, so you can go outside!

Pricilla sa...

No more snow!
No more snow!

That's what we say...

Sparkle sa...

More snow?! Don't they realize that you want to go outside?

Parker sa...

I played your photo tag game today! I just hope you don't have any more snow now!

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