lördag 3 april 2010

PhotoHunt Theme # 207 :"Sweet"

Cats are not really equiped to taste sweets, so I have asked my two-legged sister and brother to show me what the Easter-bunny gave them. Sweet candy eggs.
Vi katter är egentligen inte utrustade för att förnimma sötma. Så då fick jag be mina tvåbenta syskon att visa upp vad Påskharen givit dem. Söta godisägg.
Happy Easter / Glad Påsk!
purrs / mjuk tass,
Sara Cat/ SaraKatt

First Commenter: jams o donnell
of The Poor Mouth

8 kommentarer:

jams o donnell sa...

They looks so tasty. Still nothing is sweeter than the face of a loving cat! Happy weekend

Shoshana sa...

We just spent hours putting our eggs and sweets together.

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Ana sa...

your two-legged siblings must be very happy with this colourful collection of sweets :)

Anonym sa...

Looks yummy!

Manang Kim sa...

It's very colorful I think they will lick it, to taste. Happy Easter!


Sparkle sa...

I dunno... catnip seems pretty sweet to me!

Dennis the Vizsla sa...

Jordan Almonds?

BeadedTail sa...

Looks yummy and the eggs are very pretty! Hope you got some nip eggs for Easter!

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