onsdag 19 maj 2010

Elisabet's 6th birthday - This week with Entrecard May 10-16 / Elisabet fyller 6 år - Veckans EC-annonsörer den 10-16 maj

On May 12th my little two-legged sister, Elisabet, turned six years old. /
Den 12 maj fyllde min tvåbenta lillasyster Elisabet sex år.

Here in the garden, everyone is playing crocket. / Här spelar man krocket ute i trädgården.

Thank you for advertising with me on my EC-widget this past week, from Maj 10 to 16th. Please visit these great sites. (Do to a slight mix-up I have posted the wrong sites! Here are the correct advertisers for May 10th to 16th.):
Tack till alla Entrecard annonsörer från den 10 till 16 maj. Besök gärna dessa utmärkta sidor. (På grund of ett missöde har jag publicerat fel sidor. Här är de rätta annonsörerna för den 10-16 maj:

Monday, May 10th - måndagen den 10 maj - Seek No More

Tuesday, May 11th - tisdagen den 11 maj - Anna's Adornments

Wednesday, May 12th - onsdagen den 12 maj - Jean's Musings

Thursday, May 13th - torsdagen den 13 maj - Marg's Animal Blogs

Friday, May 14th - fredagen den 14 maj - Mariuca's Perfume Gallery

Saturday, May 15th - lördagen den 15 maj - Cat Lovers' Site

Sunday, May 16th - söndagen den 16 maj -The Soap Seduction

Thank you and welcome back! / Tack och välkommen åter!

Purrs, Med mjuk tass
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

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Daisy the Curly Cat

5 kommentarer:

Daisy sa...

Happy birthday, Elisabet! That sure is a pretty cake!

Anonym sa...

Happy Purrday Elizabet! We hope you got some sonderful presents and that cake looks yummy!

Split Rock Ranch sa...

Happy Birthday Elisabet! Wow what a difference in your yard. Green grass now and the last time I remember seeing pics of your yard it had snow on it!

Sara Katt sa...

@Daisy-Thank you! Yes, the cake was just your colour pink. Mommie thought it was yummy, but Elisabet did not like it. She prefered the homemade pancake-torte that Mommie made for her.
See PhotoHunt Theme "Half":
Elisabet's panncake-torte
@The Kool-Kittie-Krew - Thank you. Elisabet got a real pretty pink summer dress.
@Split Rock Ranch - Thank you Brenda. We have had a cold spring, but not as cold and snowy as you have had in the Rockies. So we have enjoyed the spring flowers longer than most people do who live farther south. But after the birthday party, some crazy individual cut away the last of our daffodils! Can you imagine that? You see some of them around the sun-dial in this photo.
We live in a middle-sized city across the street from a stadium. We think that a lot of peculiar people are walking past our yard! Kinda spooky. We hope that it was someone who really needed to give someone flowers.

Take a look at the lastest picture of my brother Calle Cat sitting by the daffodils and the sundial on The Red Cat Society blog. There you can see how pretty these flowers once were.
Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your kind words. It is much appreciated, as my blog is less well known than Anna's.

Sara Cat

Rebecca sa...

Oh what a beautiful dandelion crown!! I used to make those all the time when I was a kid, but you know, nobody nowadays seems to know how to make them. Such a simple thing is a lost art, but I taught my boys how to make them. You look very pretty Elisabet and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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