fredag 27 augusti 2010

Fluffy Friday # 39 Sleepy Sara / Dunig fredag nr 39 - Sara sover

It's Friday today and time for Fluffy Friday. Here is a sleepy Sara. What has she been doing lately to be so tired?

Det är fredag idag och återigen dags för Dunig fredag. Vad har Sara gjort på sistone för att bli så sömnig och trött?
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3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hiya beautiful Sara! What HAVE you been doing that you're so sleepy? Chasing mice and birds?

Boom Nisanart sa...

What a beautiful Sara ! ...even you sleep, you still look so beautiful

Mariuca sa...

He he Sara is in da same exact pose as the cozy cat press badge, how adorable! Happy Fluffy Friday! :)

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