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X is for Xylophone - Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday, Round 7 - X

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This is my little two-legged sister, Elisabet, playing her xylophone. X is for Xylophone. I am linking with Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday, Round 7, which has arrived at the letter X this week.
According to Wikipedia, a xylophone is a musical instrument made out of wood:

The xylophone (from the Greek words ξύλονxylon, "wood" + φωνήphone, "voice", meaning "wooden sound") is a musical instrument in the percussion family which probably originated independently in Africa and Asia.[1] It consists of wooden bars of various lengths that are struck by plastic, wooden, or rubber mallets. Each bar is tuned to a specific pitch of the musical scale. The term "xylophone" can refer to Western-style concert xylophones or to one of the many wooden mallet percussion instruments found around the world. Xylophones are tuned to different scale systems depending on their origin, including pentatonic, heptatonic, diatonic, or chromatic. The arrangement of the bars is generally from low (longer bars) to high (shorter bars).

The Xylophone is a very old type of musical instrument. For those who are interested, Wikipedia's English-language article about the xylophone gives more information about the history of this type of musical instrument and its different variants. Here are some images of xylophones provided by Wikipedia:

The following five
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The letter X is not an easy letter. I am sure that many participants will choose this musical instrument as their solution. Next week is the letter Y, which should be a little easier. I have already planned my Z-post. So welcome back then!

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4 kommentarer:

mrsnesbitt sa...

My middle name is Elizabeth, after my Grandma. Yes love this instrument - always popular in primary school.
Thanks so much
ABC Team

Roger Owen Green sa...

glad you found your way here, cat!
not as many xylophones as I would have thought - nice pic

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kimmy sa...

One of my earliest memories, that I will never forget, is learning "Let there be Peace on Earth" in 1977, when I was in the first grade. I was attending Chicago Public School, and I though that performing in front of the school was wonderful. The music, and the voice of children will never leave me. I have adult children now, and still remember.

jabblog sa...

I came back to look at your X post. Elisabet looks very happy with her xylophone. Aren't you lucky to have a two-legged sister? Not many cats can claim that!

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