fredag 21 januari 2011

How we cats show our love - Fluffy Friday #56 / Hur vi katter visar vår kärlek - Dunig fredag nr 56

Posting for Fluffy Friday, I would like to show some pictures from last May outside in the garden.
Som inlägg för Dunig fredag, vill jag visa några gamla bilder tagna i trädgården i maj i fjol.

Mamma-Cajsa is weaving back and forth around our Mommie's/Mummy's legs.
Mamma-Cajsa gnider sig mot och runt mattes ben.

This is what we often see of our humans: their feet, shoes and legs.
Det är det här vi oftast ser av våra människor: deras fötter, skor och ben.

You can see that Cajsa really likes our two-legged Mother. And she likes us too!
Som ni ser tycker Cajsa om vår lilla matte. Och hon tycker också om oss!

Sara Cat/Sara Katt

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1 kommentar:

Mariuca sa...

meow meow Sara! My Chubbs especially likes to do that, he follows me wherever I walk and rubs his face and fluffy self all over my legs, tripping me most time! ;)

Happy Fluffy Friday cutie, thanks for playing this week,meow! :D:D

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