onsdag 5 januari 2011

Y is slightly easier than X - Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC- Wednesday - Round 7 - Y

Once again I have been asked to write a poem for Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday. Anna seems to be too busy making Etsy-treasuries to have time to play this really delightful meme. (She doesn't know what fun she is missing!)
Here is my poem:

A short poem about the letter 'Y' (That's the title)

It's time for 'Y' to take a bow,
A talented letter, he'll show us how!

In 'Yeast', he lets dough for bread to rise,
As the opposite to 'no', he feels so worldly-wise.

In words like 'Yield', he seems a meek little fellow,
But reveals in 'Yoke' (of egg), his true colour - Yellow.

In words like 'Yowl' and 'Yell', he thinks he shows us strength,
In words like 'Yard', he measures cloth in length.

I just hope 'Y' won't be bored and start to 'Yawn',
He's often 'here-today-tomorrow-gone'.

But 'Y' can be quite jolly, it's clear to see,
In words like 'Yummy' and 'Yippee'!

No need to weep over the letter 'Y'!
(Well, maybe just a little sigh.)


Sara Cat

First Commenter:
Roger Owen Green of
Ramblin' with Roger

Second Commenter:
Nanka of Quills

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5 kommentarer:

Roger Owen Green sa...

YOU are a very talented feline.

Nanka sa...

That was a good fun poem and I liked it!! My theme for Y is also with a cat!!

My Y is HERE.

Joy sa...

Well Sara Katt you have risen to the occasion with your Y.

jabblog sa...

Sara Katt, you put my Winston Ocicat to shame! Well done!

jabblog sa...

Sara Katt, Yan, Tan, Tethera has its roots in the Celtic language spoken across the British Isles centuries ago. Now it's only spoken in Wales and parts of Scotland, Ireland and Cornwall.

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