tisdag 16 augusti 2011

E is for Elisabet and Erik, Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday - Round 9 - E

Text & Photo/Foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

E is for my two-legged siblings, Elisabet and Erik, seven and nine years old.

Text & Photo/Foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

They came back from their summer holiday on the farm yesterday; and guess what they had with them? Four kittens, my younger cat-siblings.

Text & Photo/Foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

I'm linking up with Mrs Denise Nesbitt's wonderful alphabet-challenge ABC-Wednesday, Round 9 - E.

Text & Photo/Foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

Here is Elisabet clowning around with my little brother Pelle, who is the spitting image of our mother, Cajsa Cat, who was left on the farm because no one could get her into the transport-carrier. She just did not what to leave; so they left our mother there.

Alas, my summer of peace and quiet has ended. I try to keep myself hidden from the kits.

I was going to write 'E is for EKORRE' as my e-word, until I remembered that 'Ekorre' is Swedish for 'squirrel'! You'll have to wait until we get to the letter 'S' for that one.
Purrs, / Nospussar,
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

Text & Photo/Foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

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11 kommentarer:

Gigi Ann sa...

I am Miss Molly the cat, my slave woman is Gigi Ann. You and your friends are really good looking cats, wish I could meet you.

Roger Owen Green sa...

So generous to allow the humans!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jane and Chris sa...

Watch out, Sara....four today....four next visit......you know how it will end!!!
Jane x

Andy sa...

Hello Sara Cat.
Awesome photos. Everyone looks so cute!
Thanks for sharing.

Evening Wind

Anonym sa...

those cats look trapped...

Pheno, ABCW Team

chubskulit sa...

such cuties!

Epcot's Spaceship Earth, please come and see.

Mom Daughter Style sa...

Very cute pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Btw, I’m your latest follower, I hope you take a visit my blog if you have time.

Nanka sa...

Purrr-on Sara Cat!! and meow's too!!

My E post is here

shopannies sa...

awesome pics great E words come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

kat sa...

such cutie cats..love them :)

god dag.

Jo Bryant sa...

You'll be farming cats soon. Haha

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