onsdag 14 oktober 2009

An Almost Wordless Wednesday / En nästan ordlös onsdag

Now that Calle has returned, we are once more three cats in the house./
Nu när Calle har kommit hem är vi återigen tre katter i huset.

But we never took away his food dish or waterbowl./
Men vi tog aldrig bort hans mat- eller vattenskålar.

There have always been three of each all summer long./
Det har alltjämt varit tre av varje under hela sommaren.

16 kommentarer:

Cindy sa...

So they each have their own water dish and food dish? Mine would just go to any dish.

The Whiskeratti sa...

Welcome back, Calle. We hope you settle in quickly.

Shelly sa...

Do they each eat out of their own bowls...or do they share?

Happy WW~

Dennis the Vizsla sa...


Anonym sa...

Welcome back!!! Do you guys share from your bowls?

catsynth sa...

The third dish was waiting for Calle to return :)

Pricilla sa...

Food is good. Ah, but does this mean less food for the two of you since there are now three cats to eat?

Daisy sa...

Who gets the BIG dish?

Anonym sa...

Welcome back! We all have our onw dish to start but then we play musical dishes! The bigger cats eat all the leftovers!

Sara Katt sa...

Dear Cindy, The Whiskeratti, Shelly, Dennis the Vizsla, The Kool-Kittie-Krew, Catsynth, Pricilla, Daisy, and wildcatwoodscats,

Thank you for all of these interesting thoughts and observations.
Cajsa-Mamma and I like eating out of the little silvery bowls. Why there are three sets of bowls is that it can happen that we actually eat together all three of us at the same time. But since it is Hill's Science Plan dry pellets with water on the side, and not wet food out of tin, it is available at any and all times. One of us can have a light snack at any time of the day or night. So what happens is that we eat everything up out of the all of the bowls. And if anything gets spilled on the floor, Mamma-Cajsa and Calle usually are willing to tidy up and eat those pellets too.
Just because Calle is back with us does not mean that we get less food. Mommie keeps filling the bowls since we never over-eat. We eat what we need to eat to be satisfied, that's all.
Mommie makes sure that the water is new all the time. We can drink out of a running tap too. Cajsa-Mamma showed me how to do that. But that will be another story.
Thank you one and all for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this vital matter!
Purrs and love from
Sare Cat, Cajsa-Mamma, Calle and our two-legged Mommie (Christina Wigren)

Zoolatry sa...

Wondering who gets the big bowl in the middle?
We have two bowls for two of us, but we share one water bowl, and we eat our treats in different places in the house. Then there are those three litter boxes...
when we really only need two!
Ah, life is confusing.
Our human says to tell you she's sorry she's been a bad-visitor, she is way way behind in everything these days. She also says to tell you Calle will be on our MASKED MONDAY post... come see.
Maggy & Zoey, The Zoolatry Girls

katztales sa...

What tidy eaters you are! We dropped by after we saw your link on COT.

We've posted a story to our blog today, so if you want a 5 minute read, drop by. http://www.lepak.com/katztales.html

Poppy Q sa...

Welcome home Callie.

BeadedTail sa...

We have just one bowl of food and one of water but we don't drink water out of our bowl - we drink out of the sink!

Tell your mommy that our mommy has trouble finding cat beads too. The items in her Friday Features are usually made by a variety of artists - our mommy isn't that talented. But she does make kitty and dog jewelry so is always looking for beads of them.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr sa...

That looks like a very nice buffet!

Parker sa...

Your food looks very yummy!

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