lördag 17 oktober 2009

Saturday's PhotoHunt-Theme #183: Anything Goes!/Free theme! / Lördagens fotojakttema #183: Valfritt!

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping each week. There are other things that are disturbing, such as the fact that Calle went back to the farm on Thursday evening and will not return to us until Monday evening. There is a strange and dreary feeling in the air, as if something bad is about to to happen.

The baby carrage has not returned. It's too cold to sit outside in our little garden anyway. And now something big and shiny has taken up the space that we once had as our private garden. There is no room for our garden-chair, even if we could find out where it went.

I don't know what more to say right now. I'll write more, when I know more.
Dagarna blir kortare och temperaturen blir allt kyligare varje vecka. Annat som gör oss nedstämda är faktumet att Calle Katt åkte tillbaka till gården i förrgår och inte kommer tillbaka förrän nu på måndag kväll. Det råder en konstig och dyster stämning här hemma, som om något hemskt kommer att hända.

Barnvagnen kom aldrig tillbaka. Det är ju för kallt att sitta ute i vårt ute rum som vi hade under sommaren. Och nu står det en stor och blank sak där vi tidigare hade vårt sommarnöje. Det finns inte plats för ute möbeln, om vi skulle hitta den igen.

Mer kan jag inte säga. Jag skriver mer när jag vet mer.

8 kommentarer:

Alice Audrey sa...

I take it you rent? Time to move.

Quilt Works sa...

Sad to the see the the warmth of the summer and fall leave us! Fall is my favorite time of the year

Alice Audrey sa...

My apologies, Sara CAT. My ignorance is not your fault. It comes from reading forty or fifty blogs a day. Sometimes I lose track of who is whom. Rest assure, I will not forget you now.

Grrreta sa...

We too are sad that winter is approaching. We wonder what that big and shiny thing is doing in your garden.

sadermaxx sa...

Hi Sara Cat!

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

And thanks for joining us for Play Day!

Alice Audrey sa...

You might find this of interest.


Daisy sa...

Oh, you have me a little worried! Why did Calle have to go back to the farm for a few days? And where, oh where, could the little carriage have gone?

Ginger Jasper sa...

I saw you over on masked onday at Zoolatry and came to say hello and pleased to meet you. Loved your masked photo's.. Hugs GJ x

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