onsdag 21 oktober 2009

An Almost Wordless Wednesday / En nästan ordlös onsdag

One of my favourite hiding-places this summer was the minature magnolia bush by the garage.
Ett av sommarens bästa gömställen var dvärgmagnoliabusken vid garaget.

Perfect for a small cat.
Lagom för en liten katt.

But even Calle liked to hide there.
Men t.o.m. Calle tyckte om att gömma sig där.

Now it is shedding its leaves.
Nu håller det på att fälla sina blad.

Wordless Wednesday

9 kommentarer:

Daisy sa...

I'll bet the flowers smelled really pretty!

The Whiskeratti sa...

Ohhhh winter is kind of a bit of a bummer.

The Creek Cats sa...

Oh wow! We've never seen a miniature magnolia bush before! So cool!!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr sa...

Those are beautiful flowers!!

Anonym sa...

What a kyute bush!!! And, don't you fret...the leaves will come back next year!!! :o)

Anonym sa...

That looks like a great hiding place and I bet it smelled good too with all those pretty flowers.

Gracie sa...

That looks like the purrrfect place to hide and I bet it smeels really good too. Enjoy the outdoors while you can before the weather changes and gets colder.

Aniemother sa...

Ja nå blir det høst!

Bajas & Virus

Alice Audrey sa...

How dare Calle hang out there. Maybe you need to mark it better.

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