söndag 25 oktober 2009

Saturday's CameraCritters Meme (somewhat late!)/ Lördagens kamera-kritter-tema (något försenat)

Sorry, but I have things to do! Halloween is next weekend!
Ursäkta, men jag har annat att göra! Snart är det Allhelgonahelg!

Camera Critters

10 kommentarer:

Lilli & Nevada sa...

looks like there looking for the Halloween candy? Have a good trick or treat

SquirrelQueen sa...

Very nice to meet your Sara Cat. Being a black kitty myself I understand that there is much to do before Halloween.

Miss Cindi Lou Who

We love Luna sa...

wonderful friends!
I would love to be there to play with you friends!
Happy camera critters
purrs and love

jabblog sa...

Hope it all gets done in time!

eileeninmd sa...

Pretty Kitties, I hope you have a great Halloween.

Anonym sa...

Yes, lots to do!

Pricilla sa...

Aaaah, and what are you going to be for Halloween? Might you try and be a cow?

Anonym sa...

Going to try on your costumes??? What are you being this year?

Marie sa...

Such cute kitties! I hope they have a great Halloween!

Gracie sa...

Are busy making the plans for a Halloween party, decorations, or going for the treat? Certainly a busy time at the end of the week. Good you are getting a head start.

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