måndag 9 november 2009

Blue Monday Meme / Tema: Blå måndag

This is what the neighbors have:
Blue garden- furniture!

Det här är vad grannarna har:
Blå utemöbler!

20 kommentarer:

Anya sa...

I love bleu garden- furniture
because we have it also :)))))

hugs to Sara from
Kareltje =^.^=

Pam sa...

That is very colorful furniture!

chubskulit sa...

cute benches!
To start the week, I am sharing our walk in the park last weekend.

Coralie Cederna Johnson sa...

I love this BLUE post. Lovely garden next door! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your BLUE MONDAY!

Shy sa...

Nice post and backyard.

Anonym sa...

Kewl!!! Maybe you can go sit at their table!

Mary sa...

What a charming yard. The blue furniture is perfect for the setting. I hope you are having a great Blue Monday.

Pricilla sa...

It's very pretty. Does a cat fall asleep on it sometimes, perhaps?

The Quintessential Magpie sa...

That is some very charming blue garden furniture, too! It looks perfect for a cat, a place to contemplate all the intelligent things at cat contemplates.

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

Marice sa...

wow thats so inviting! it seems a nice a place to chill out :)

u may view mine if u have time

SmilingSally sa...

How pretty. Happy Blue Monday to you, Sara!

katztales sa...

I like it! Unusual.

sherri@lavenderfields sa...

Looks like a great place to relax and have lunch! Hope you are having a great Blue Monday and have a wonderful week : ) Sherri

AL sa...

Blue symbolizes peacefulness and calmness so that's why those blue garden set suits well in the garden. Where's Sara?


Cindy sa...

That blue really stands out amongst the other colors.

Cats in trees sa...

Never mind the furniture. What a glorious tree. We would love to climb that.

TurboLotte sa...

Hei, så flott blogg du har. Vil du at jeg skal legge deg til på www.katteblogger.blogspot.com?

✿A 'n' L✿ sa...

Wow.. It's wonderfurr and really inviting.
Hope we can visit the garden sometimes.

Alex & Lolo

michico*Adan sa...

The blue looks great~!!!
It matches everything!

Sara Katt sa...

To Anja and Kareltje:
Yes, I wouldn't mine having blue furniture in my garden. But I'd have to ask Mommie to paint some of the unpainted chairs we have around the house. I don't want to get paint in my fur!
To Pam:
Thanks for visiting. Yes, it is indeed inviting. Wrong time of year for a garden party though.
To chubskulit:
I'll visit your walk in the park.
To Coralie Cederna Johnson:
Thank you for visiting. This photo was a quick take. Mommie was taking pics of leaves or rose hips when she saw the garden chairs. My Mommie is an impulsive, spur-of -the-moment kind of photographer.
To Shy:
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
To The Kool-Kitty-Krew:
Mommie is always telling us not to trespass and go over to other two-leggeds gardens, but we are cats! So I have actually taking a closer look. These beans used to have a cat that looked a little like me. But she went away. I think they might get a new cat. This first cat was from Fia Hemmet (a cat home here in Norrkoping that I have a link to on my blog).
To Mary:
Thank you for visiting and welcome back anytime!
To Pricilla, my favourite goat! Yes. Theoretically, a cat could sit on the table or chair and fall asleep enjoying the ambiance of this setting. But so far, I only do that sort of thing when I am on the farm.
To Sheila:
I see that you understand what felines are all about!
To Marice:
"Chill out" is the word!! That's just what it is like right now! When I go outside I "chill out" so fast that I have to turn around and go back in again. It's not summer anymore!
To Smiling Sally:
Thank you for visiting and welcome back anytime!
To Katztales:
Thank you for visiting and commenting!
To Sherri: Yes if it were summer it would be a purrfect place to luncheon. These particular neighbours are real summer-folks. They have a swimming-pool too! But I am not a water-cat.
To Prudence:
Thanks for asking about me! I'm here! Sometimes I work as photo-model in front of the camera and other times I stand behind it.
But I your observations very seriously. I will try to show my face more on my blog!
To Cindy:
Yes, is it amazing that a shade of blue can stand out like this as if it were a redish-orange. Shall we call it "electric blue"??
To Cats in trees:
You are cats after my own heart! Who needs chairs when you have claws?? I love to climb trees!! I plan to post more about the joys of tree-climbing!
Thank you all for visiting and writing such witty replies!
Sara Cat
Till TurboLotte:
Ja tack!
Det vore en ära att vara med på
Tack for besöket!!
Tänk på att min mormor var norsk skog katt!
Kära hälsningar
Sara Katt

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