måndag 16 november 2009

Yellow Mellow Monday #43 / Mjuka-gula-måndags-temat nr 43

This is my post for Yellow Mellow Monday # 43. /
Det är jag som står for inlägget för Mjuka-gula-måndags-temat nr 43 den här veckan.

A week ago, when I posted Blue Monday, I was critised for not being in the picture. /
För en vecka sedan, när det var min tur att göra inlägget för blåa måndagstemat, fick jag kritik för att jag inte syntes på bilden.

So this time I am not only showing these pretty yellow flowers, I am also showing my very own, very warm and compfy and very MELLOW YELLOW electric heating-pad!
Så nu vill jag inte bara visa de här vackra gula blommorna utan även min egen, gosiga och MJUKA GULA elektriska värmedyna!
Purrs and soft paws Sara Cat / Med mjuk tass, Sara Katt


13 kommentarer:

Pricilla sa...

Mmmmm, munch munch. Burp.
Those flowers look good enough to eat!

Sara Katt sa...

Oh Pricilla! You are sooo funny!
Sara Cat

The Creek Cats sa...

The flowers are beautiful, but of course, you Sara Katt are the most beautiful thing in the post today!

Pam sa...

Sara Katt, I completely agree. Everyone needs a mellow yellow heating pad.

Gracie sa...

Nice blanket pad that you have. Did I hear you say that it is heated. That would be so nice and snuggly.

katztales sa...

A heating pad, now there's a nice idea. Nip filled?

Dennis the Vizsla sa...

You look very cozy there!

Daisy sa...

Those flowers are pretty! You are very lucky to have your own heating pad!

Gracie =^o.o^= sa...

Those flowers sure are pretty.
I know you don't do the Thanksgiving stuff but I am still sending you best wishes to you, your family, and friends.

Cats in trees sa...

That makes you a black and white electric heated cat.

Lianna Knight sa...

CUTE!! Love the flowers and the heating pad is a SMART idea :)

Keisha sa...

Hi! :) I like your heating pad very much. The flowers are pretty too.

lareine sa...

what a beautiful bouquet! and felix (our cat) will envy you for that comfortable heating pad!

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