fredag 12 februari 2010

Fluffy Friday # 11 / Dunig-fjunig-fredag nr 11

Det här är Meow Diaries elfte upplaga av det nya temaspelet "Dunig-fjunig-fredag". Här ser ni Elisabet med sin enhörning som heter "Snötörnrosa".
This is Meow Diaries' eleventh edition of the new meme "Fluffy Friday". Here's Elisabet with her unicorn, called "Snow-Sleeping-Beauty"

Jag måste erkänna att jag blev arg på Elisabet och bet hennes högre hand i söndags. Men handen har läkt nu och är vi vänner igen.
I must confess that I was annoyed with Elisabet and bit her right hand on Sunday. But her hand is healing well and we are friends again.

Mjuk tass / Purrs,
Sara Katt / Sara Cat

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6 kommentarer:

Daisy sa...

What a cute unicorn! And I love the pink reins! I think it was a little bit Wrong of you to give the Bitey to Elisabet, Sara Katt! But I'm glad you made up.

Mariuca sa...

Meow meow Sara! I am glad to see u back with a wonderful entry for Fluffy Friday. And I am even happier to know u and Elisabet made up and are friends again, don go around biting her anymore okay? Big hugs for you and for Elisabet! :):):)

Mariuca sa...

I love the pic of u sleeping inside ur little tent, how cozy! And good to see Elisabet with a fluffy unicorn to keep her comfy while nursing her bite, Happy Fluffy Friday! :)

Anonym sa...

What a lovely post today! Sorry to hear you and Elisabet had a little tiff this past weekend. But she looks like such a young little bean, maybe you can be furriends again. We love her unicorn and you look furry cute in your tent! Happy Valentine's Day!

Keisha sa...

Hello! That is such a cute picture. :)

Lin sa...

No biting, Sara. That kind of stuff gets you back to the shelter really fast.

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