onsdag 6 januari 2010

Update on Fire/ Uppdatering om Katthemmet Kompis

Here are some pictures of the aftermath of the fire, that I have borrowed from the shelter "Katthemmet Kompis'" website. (They are not my personal photos.) / De här bilderna from Katthemmet Kompis' hemsida, visar förödelsen efter branden. (De är inte mina bilder, utan Katthemmets):

To read more (I am going to post an English translation soon, so that all of you kind people outside of Sweden will know what happened.) / För att veta mera om branden på svenska clicka här

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Anonym sa...

OMC! What happened?!? We went to go read the story, but it wasn't in English and couldn't find where to translate. Hope everyone is ok.

Dennis the Vizsla sa...

Man, the place is totally destroyed. :-(

Pam sa...

This is terrible. Hope it can be replaced soon.

Pricilla sa...

That is so sad.

Sara Katt sa...

Dear Kool-Kittie-Krew
I'm sorry. That was silly of me to not provide a translation. I wrote a summary of what happen in English when it first happened. I think what I should try to do is to write a new post and explain everything in English.
Have you looked at Anna's Blog?


Anna is my entirely English blog. There is more there. But I'll try to post a new text in English here.

Dear Dennis,
as you can see the cat shelter was totally destroyed. burned down to the ground.

Dear Pam,
They don't know how many cats that perished in the flames, but at least 25 could be rescued and are either living in a little cabin on the farm or are living with temporary foster-families.
Their suppy of food was destroyed in the fire. So the first thing they requested was cat food, that could be donated at serveral local grocery stores. And money. They have a postal bank account that anyone can make a deposit in and help them out. The response of the local people as been amazing-They think that they will be able to rebuild a shelter.

Dear Pricilla,
My favourite goat. Thank you for visiting. Yes it is indeed sad. It is likely that as many as 25 cats perished in the flames. Not a nice way to go. But so far only one cat was founf so badly injured that they had to euthanate it on the spot. Ironically , it was the owner's of the shelter own cat.

Thank you all for commenting on this terrible event. What we can learn from this is the importance of helping out if someone really needs help.
I have been looking into a way of leting people from outside Sweden donate money to the shelter. You don't have to give a large amount. All sums of money are apprieciated. But I do not want money that is intended to go to the shelter to be "eaten up" in transfer fees. Jakill from Jeans Musings has suggested looking into a paypal account to solve this problem.
I have thought of selling jewellery and still ma do it, but I thing anyone should be able to give just a little money with out having to have to buy something. A dollar from ten people is ten dollars. Ten dollars can buy a huge bag of good cat food! So every effort is welcome.
I will make a proper post about this.
Thanks again

Daisy sa...

It is so very sad, and even worse that it happened when it is so bitterly cold out.

Cats in trees sa...

What a terrible tragedy. We were glad to read that many cats were able to get out on time and are being found (translate.google.com provided us with a good translation)

Wikki Bloggkatten sa...

Hej Sara Katt! Vad bra du har tagit upp det på din sida, du är toppen!
Just nu saknas 17 katter och av dessa har tre setts vid liv i skogen, fällor är utställda. Kanske finns där fler! Håll tummarna att de tassar in snart!
NosPussar Wikki

Bull Rhino sa...

So sad to see all that destruction. I hope the very best for them in recovery.

Everycat sa...

What an awful tragedy at such a terribly cold time of year. We look forward to your next post about this and ways to help.

Thank you so much for your kind words to us about the loss of our darling Angel. We miss her so much.

Whicky Wuudler
& Gerry

Anna sa...

I have been offline do to computer problems for ten days.
Thank you Daisy and Cats in trees for your interest.
Thank you Cats in trees for suggesting the translation site!
Sara Cat
(Anna is helping me out today. She went to the library to look at my blog.)

Jenny sa...

Å vilken fin blogg du! /Jenny (Katthemmet Kompis)

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