fredag 4 juni 2010

Fluffy Friday #27 / Dunig Fredag nr 27 - Calle Cat / Calle Katt

It's Fluffy Friday today and I would like to show you some pictures of my brother Calle Cat. Here, it looks like the two-legged kits want to cuddle with him, doesn't it?
Det är dags för Dunig Fredag idag och jag vill visa några bilder på min bror Calle Katt. Här, ser det ut som om de tvåbenta syskonen vill gosa med honom. Eller hur?

But look at what they are actually doing!
Men se bara på vad de egentligen håller på med!

Naughty kits!! Poor Calle. How humiliating!
Stygga ungar!! Stackars Calle. Så pinsamt!

And he never bites or scratches. I would never put up with them!
Och han varken nafsar eller klöser! Jag skulle aldrig stå ut med dem!

Purrs, / Med mjuk tass,
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

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6 kommentarer:

Sparkle sa...

Calle is very tolerant. I would be under the bed, hiding.

Mariuca sa...

LOL so cute Calle Cat sitting quietly while the kids dress her up ha ha! Love the pics Anna, Calle looks really big and gorgeous here. Happy Fluffy Friday and enjoy ur weekend, meow! :)

Rebecca sa...

Awww, Calle Cat knows they're just having fun! He is very wise and understands children I think.

Parker sa...

He's a very good boy!

Duni sa...

Calle Cat is a good sport!

I have an award for you, Sara Katt. Please stop by to pick it up :)



Anonym sa...

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