fredag 18 juni 2010

Fluffy Friday # 29 - Dark clouds! / Dunig Fredag nr 29 - Mörka moln!

It's time for 'Fluffy Friday' again. It is definitely summer! But between sunny weather we can also get rain. This roof, that is meant to protect these ladders, is also an excellent shelter for us cats if we get caught in the rain.
Det är Dunig fredag igen. Och nu är det definitivt sommar! Men mellan sköna soliga dagar kan vi få regn. Taket här, som är avsett att skydda stegarna, är också bra regnskydd för oss katter.

We can even walk on the ladders and use them as a narrow floor, since we have such a good sense of balance!
Vi kan till och med gå utmed stegarna ungefär som på ett smalt golv, eftersom vi har så gott balanssinne.

But do I see a storm abrewing? What do you think Mamma-Cajsa? / Men ser jag verkligen ett oväder i antågande? Vad tycker du Mamma-Cajsa?

(Could I have used this for 'Skywatch on Fridays'?)
Maybe we should go in if Mommy opens the door? / Ska vi gå in om matte öppnar dörren?

Yeah, let's go in! Go, go, go! / Visst, nu går vi in! Raska på!

Purrs, / Nospussar,
Sara Cat / Sara Katt
& / och
Cajsa Cat / Cajsa Katt

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7 kommentarer:

Mariuca sa...

Good morning Sara Katt! :D

Mariuca sa...

Ooooh it does look dark and cloudy over there and I hope u will take shelter soon. I love ur picture story this week Anna, thanks for playing this week too, meow! :)

Happy Fluffy Friday!

Sara Katt sa...

Thank you, Mariuca! You are a real pal! Double Meows!
Anna, Sara, Cajsa, Calle, Christina, Elisabet and Erik

LadyJava sa...

Yeap.. better run indoors.. the sky looks like it's gonna drop..

Happy FF!

LadyJava sa...

One one smart kitty ah!

Duni sa...

Ohh, you better find shelter, Sara - it is going to pour (just like it is raining here too). I miss the sun!

your kitty-friend Sammy

Anonym sa...

We would be going inside too!

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