lördag 31 juli 2010

Fluffy Friday #35 / Dunig Fredag nr 35 - More about the kittens / Mer om kattungarna

Fluffy Friday # 35 / Dunig fredag nr 35

Nils the kitten is climbing up Erk's sleeve.

Kattungen Nils klättrar uppför Erik's ärm.

The kittens are blurry in this shot.
Kattungarna är oskarpa i den här bilden.

The kitten Anna Mathilda can't keep still.
Kattungen Anna Mathilda har svårt att stå stilla.

Happy Weekend! / Trevlig Helg!

Purrs, / Nospussar
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

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Jean of
The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life

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5 kommentarer:

Jean sa...

Hi Sara, You have some cute litter mates and two legged friends.
Thanks for visiting my blog and offering to help catch that darn rat.:)

Sara Katt sa...

Thanks Jean. You're welcome to visit here anytime. Just let me know if your rat returns... I'll get my cat-mother Cajsa to help. She's a real rat-killer!
Sara Cat

LadyJava sa...

Aww you have kittens of your own.. how awesome!!

Mariuca sa...

Hey Anna, the kids really look like they're having a ball, what wonderful pictures. Happy Fluffy Friday everybody, meow! :)

Sara Katt sa...

LadyJava Hi LadyJava, Thanks for stopping by! These kittens will stay with they mother, Anna-Lisa, until sometime in September when we can take them home with us to Norrkoping, the town where we live. But the children visit Anna-Lisa and her kittens about once a week.
Mariuca Hi Mariuca, Yes, we sure do love the little kitties!
Boy you sure look cute next to Patrick Spunge-Bob. You are a child at heart!
Hugs & Purrs,
Sara Cat

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