söndag 1 augusti 2010

This week with Entrecard, July 26th to August 1st, 2010 / Tack till veckans EC-annonsörer fr.o.m. den 26 juli t.o.m. den 1 augusti 2010

This is Nils, the kitten, with one eye open.
Här är kattungen Nils, som har ena ögat öppet

Thank you for advertising with me on my EC-widget from July 26th to August first. Please visit these fine sites:
Tack till alla EC-annonsörer under veckan f.o.m. den 26 juli t.o.m. den första augusti. Besök gärna dessa fina sidor:

Monday, July 26th - måndagen den 26 juli - Pictures in Space

Tuesday, July 27th - tisdagen den 27 juli - Forklift safety

Wednesday, July 28th - onsdagen den 28 juli - Old Cat Gossip

Thursday, July 29th - torsdagen den 29 juli - Cat Things

Friday, July 30th - fredagen den 30 juli - The Red Cat Society

Saturday, July 31st - lördagen den 31 juli - Lovely Purses

Sunday, August first - söndagen den 1 augusti - Anna's Adornments

Thank you! / Tack!

Purrs, Med mjuk tass
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

First Commenter /
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Jean of
The Joy of Bird Watching and Living a Simple Life

5 kommentarer:

Jean sa...

Such a sweetie.:)
I use to have an orange tabby. I still get teary thinking of him. There is something special about those cats.

Sara Katt sa...

Congrats! You are first commenter!
Sara Cat

Anonym sa...

Oh my - could just eat that little kitty with a spoon!

Rebecca sa...

what a cutie!!

Josh Healy sa...

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