torsdag 28 oktober 2010

O is a very round letter - MrsDenise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday - Round 7

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Once again my Mommie/Mummy is in need of assistance writing a post for Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday Challenge. This week we are examining words that begin with the letter O.
This is not an easy assignment for me. I really shined when I could write about those little rodents that I know so well and love. But the letter O?? Well folks, this is what I think about the letter O:

The letter O is a round letter (That's also the title)

The letter O is indisputably round,
Yes, undeniably, both its shape and sound,
And even many O-objects are round,
A rounder letter is hardly found!

O is for Olive, Orb, Onion and Orange - all round!

But also non-round things like

Owls, Ocelots, Otters and Ostriches,
Oysters, Opals, Orchids and Orchards,
Orchestras, Orangutans, the month of October and Ocarina.

I'm sorry. I can seem to get these O-words to rhyme.
I'll try again:

I dreamed of the letter O, last night,

Like an Opal, it glowed soft and light,
Then an Otter, Offered an Omelette,
But I said no thank you, we've just met!

Sara Cat

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I am sitting at the Public Library, hiding behind a pile of books. I have to make this post short and hopp into my Mommie's/Mummy's special cat-hiding-bag before the librarian tells us to leave the premises! Meow!

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Mr Puddy sa...

O...OMC !!!! so many " O "
O is very round like your big beautiful eyes.
and O Rolling your body...
and O...O..O...Time , I have to go bed
..Night Night !

Roger Owen Green sa...

that was purrfect!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Rebecca sa...

Sara Cat, you look so pretty all curled up like that!

Barbara sa...

What a great post for 'O' day Sara, and you are very talented to write poetry!

Oskar sa...

So beautiful & so smart!

Nubbin wiggles,

Wikki Bloggkatten sa...

Yes indeed "O" is round
and when you use it for MEOOOOOOOOW
what a lovely sound!
TassKram Wikki

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