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P is for Pirate-Wedding Mrs Denise Nebitt's ABC Wednesday, Round 7 - P

Photo Copyright Christina Wigren

Since my Mommie/Mummy went and did the book review that I wanted to do (a review of Rita Mae Brown's mystery series, starting with Outfoxed.) I have convinced her that she should let me do a movie review.

All film-photos copyright Disney Pictures
(even though I took them off the screen myself.)

This is less of a review than two scenes to illustrate my P-word for this week: PIRATE WEDDING! Taking two scenes, from two movies, the second scene is the real Pirate wedding.

These first pictures are from the opening scene of part two of the Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy, Dead Man's Chest, when Elizabeth Swan (played by Keira Knightley
) and William Turner (played by Olando Bloom) are supposed to be married. But their garden wedding is totally rained out.

(Something to think about when you are planning your wedding. Make sure you have a tent or an indoor alternative if you plan an outdoor summer garden wedding.) The rain, however, is not the worst thing.

What happens is that they are both arrested,

And sentenced to death for helping a man flee the gallows in the first film The Curse of the Black Pearl.

And the man they helped escape is, of course,

Captain Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp).

I am not going reveal anything more about part two. I'll just hopp over to one of the last scenes toward the end of part three, At World's End. Both Elizabeth Swan and William Turner have become pirates, joining forces with Captain Jack Sparrow, but also Jack's rival, Captain Barbossa, in a battle against the very, very evil Captain Davey Jones of the 'Flying Dutchman',

Right in the middle of an attack of the fish-people from the 'Flying Dutchman', Will Turner decides to propose to Elizabeth Swan.

Elizabeth Swan says that this is not really the best time, in the middle of an on-deck battle with creepy sea-monsters.

Will says that it might be the only time that they have.

Instead of saying yes, Elizabeth asks Captain Barbossa to marry them.

Captain Barbossa (played by Geoffrey Rush) explains that he is a little busy at the moment, while fighting off two or three slimmy fish-people.

But how can he say no?

"Dearly beloved..." he starts to say, as he fights off more fish-people.

"...In sickness and in health...the former being the most likely" says Elizabeth taking her vows. They are interrupted by having to have to fight off more monsters from the Dutchman.

But amazingly, they keep holding hands through the ceremony and even while fighting off fish-people.

"I do" , says Will Turner.

Barbossa says: "Now you may.." but stops there as he has to keep on fighting off even more fish-people. "Just kiss! Just kiss!"

"Just kiss!"


"Just Kiss!" And that's what they do.

Not everyone has time to see the actual wedding, but some of the crew members take a moment to look.

Remember, it's not the wedding, but the marriage, that is important.

Sara Cat

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photowannabe sa...

Very clever way to use the letter P. The cat is most intelligent.

Leslie: sa...

I think I must be the only person who has never seen any of those Pirate movies! But after reading this, I think I may just reconsider and have a marathon weekend of viewing them all. Thanks for this - really enjoyed it! :D

Gramma Ann sa...

I must say, I've never watched any of the Pirate movies. But, it made a nice post for P day. Thanks for sharing.

Mara sa...

A tv-addicted cat! At least I'm not the only one. And I love a happy ending as well. Altough I prefer the cat catching the mouse...

Roger Owen Green sa...

Sounds like the movie was catnip for you!
Saw the 1st PotC film, but not the subsequent ones.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tumblewords: sa...

Amazing review - thanks!

Cezar and Léia sa...

One of our favorite movies!
Fabulous idea for this P theme day!

Reader Wil sa...

Well now I think I am going to watch these pirate movies too, for I only saw parts of them, but you have given a beautiful review of the wedding of the pirates.
Thank you so much.

MorningAJ sa...

Awww how romantic!
You are a clever cat.

Kay L. Davies sa...

I certainly never knew pirate weddings were important to cats, but now I know.
An excellent P-for-Pirate post for P day, and more than I have ever known about pirates and fish-people.
Thank you for visiting my blog. Visitors, especially cat visitors, are always welcome.
-- Kay

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Gattina sa...

I am more interested in purrs than pirates, lol !

jabblog sa...

Great commentary on this sometimes rather confusing film series - or maybe that's just because I never sit and watch anything all the way through . . .

Carver sa...

What a fun post for the letter P. Great idea and well done.

Anonym sa...

A clever P.

I, too, have never seen any Pirate movies, but I may try one on an inclement weekend.

Incidentally you put a message in Swedish on my Pignoses—thanks. Translations are fun, although often slightly off the mark

Svenska är ett svårt språk. Jag vet bara några få ord.


Rajesh sa...

Sounds like interesting movie. Very nice compilation.

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