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S is for Sara - Mrs Denise Nesbitt's abc-Wednesday-Round 7 - S

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My mommie/mummy has asked me to help out with a blog post for Mrs Denise Nesbitt's popular challenge ABC-Wednesday, round 7. 'S' is the letter for this week. And since I know nothing about silver or silver-smithing or silver jewellery, I am writng about what I know best: Sara. Yes, the name Sara! My name. It is from the Bible, the Old Testament. Sara was the wife of Abraham. You can read about her here. (Or read Genesis 17:15)

Many of you already know who I am. I am an ordinary house cat named Sara. Mommie/Mummy tells me that she was so delighted when she first saw me as a new-born kitten, that she decided to keep me as her own cat and not sell me, which is what happened to the rest of my siblings. (But they found very good forever homes, I am happy to say.)

I like the idea of writing about different Saras so much that I am not going to stop at Mrs Nesbitt's challenge. I have decided to do a little series about Saras, starting with today's post.

Sara Bernhardt (1844 - 1923) was a very famous French stage and even early film actress.

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Bernhardt photographed by Nadar

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This is Sarah Bernhardt during a visit to Boston, Massachusetts in June 1877.

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This is Sarah Bernhardt playing Hamlet in the early 1880s.

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Sarah Bernhardt as Queen in Victor Hugo’s Ruy Blas


Since 'S' could also stand for 'Sweden' I feel I must include at least one Swedish Sara. Sara Lidman (1923-2004) was a famous Swedish writer whose first successful novel Tjardalen (The Tar Still) is about the hard conditions of people living in the provence of Västerbotten, where she grew up. She help put this part of Sweden 'on the map' as far as literature is concerned, letting local dialects and biblical language colour her innovative writing style. (See Wikipedia in English as source here.)


While we are still on the subject of Swedish literature, I would like to name a Sarah who has helped make works by Swedish authors known to the English-speaking world: British translator Sarah Death. Sarah Death has translated works by Victoria Benedictsson, Johanna Ekström, Kerstin Ekman, Sven Lindqvist, Ellen Mattson, Sven Lindqvist, Carl-Johan Vallgren, Harvill Secker, Alexander Ahndoril, and Katarina Mazetti.

So happy Sara-week to everyone whose name is Sara!

Sara Cat

The name's day for Sara in Sweden is July 19th, one of the names that are in the one week of the year that only has female names, 'Fruntimmarsvecka' (July 19-24). Isn't it cool that there is even a name for that girls-names-only week?

Yes, I know, I should have done a post for 'Sweden' this time. We'll do that when Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday gets to the letter 'S'!

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Sylvia K sa...

Sara, what a great help you are and what a terrific post for the S Day! You're a very talented cat, I must say! Hope you've had a great week so far with lots of treats!!!


Roger Owen Green sa...

there's a Hall and Oates song called Sara Smile. seems appropriate.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Mar sa...

Fantastic and original idea for the theme, interesting information: thanks!!
S is for Santa

Jay sa...

Excellent post! It's so easy to forget the hardworking souls who translate books for us, isn't it? And without them, most of us would have no hope of reading foreign literature.

Interesting about the week for girls' names, too!

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

gone to the dogs sa...

Sara is a beautiful cat and a talented writer. My dog Tucker occsionally posts on my blog too.

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