onsdag 27 juli 2011

B is for Banana - Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday - Round 9 - B

Photo/foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

'B is for Banana'! Actually I wanted to do a post called 'B is for brothers' and feature my three new little brothers, but they have not come home from the farm yet. My two-legged Mummy/Mommie is still carrying brown boxes into our new home and I am still learning where the best hiding places are here before the rest of the cats arrive.

"B som i Banan". Egentligen ville jag skriva ett inlägg om mina nya småbröder och kalla det för "B som i bröder". Men de har inte kommit hem ännu. Matte håller ännu på att flytta bruna papplådor till det nya hemmet medan jag letar efter möjliga gömställen innan de andra katterna kommer hit.

Once again, I am borrowing one of Mummy's/Mommie's paper-fruits. And you can see how big this banana-art is; it actually bigger that me. This second photo taken at a higher angle shows this very well:

Photo/foto Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren

Ännu en gång lånar jag Mattes fruktkonst; som är faktiskt större än jag! Det syns bättre i den andra bilden, ovan.

Purrs, / Nospussar,
Sara Cat / Sara Katt

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Roger Owen Green
LänkRamblin' with Roger

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6 kommentarer:

Roger Owen Green sa...

either you are a very small cat or that is one BODACIOUS BANANA! I suspect the latter.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Anonym sa...

A real banana that size will drive everyone bananas !! :D Thats a cool cat though

Pheno, ABC Wednesday Team

jabblog sa...

Well, Sara Cat, you look very comfortable - and, of course, beautiful. I hope your brothers will be great playmates for you:-)

Pricilla sa...

I cannot believe how much you look like harry the Farm cat!

Barbara sa...

I think you are very brave to sit next to such an enormous banana!

Wanda sa...

You are surely the "Top Banana".

You look very darling next to that big banana.

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