lördag 22 augusti 2009

Lördag-Saturday-PhotoHunt Theme :"Ripples"


5 kommentarer:

Daisy sa...

What a great texture! Very ripply and green!

Sara Katt sa...

Thanks Daisy! This was my very first PhotoHunt Theme ever!
Sara Cat

RJ Flamingo sa...

Gee. This looks familiar...:-)

Sara Katt sa...

Yes, I know, Flamingo. SaraKatt... is my cat-blog in both Swedish and English. I haven't really decided what to do with this one yet. I need a Cat-blog in Swedish if I am going to help Swedish cats; but no one outside of Sweden would understand what is going on here if I don't have the English translation texts under the Swedish texts. But having the Swedish texts bars me from joining the English-language blog community such as joining Entrecard.
By the way, I like the pink flamingos. You must have taken that photo yourself. Wow!

kim sa...

I love this. I think I have the same kind of fern in my yard.

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