måndag 7 september 2009

Måndagen den 7 sept. Vi har fått bilder från Zoolatry! Monday September 7th, 2009 -Portraits of us from Zoolatry!

Ann Adamus från Zoolatry har skickat porträtt på Calle och mig. Visst är de fina! Tack!
Ann Adamus from Zoolatry has sent portraits of Calle and me. Aren't they nice! That was kind of you Maggy, Zoey and Ann to think of us and make these exciting pictures. Thank you so much!


3 kommentarer:

Daisy sa...

Those are wonderful graphics of you two!

Sara Katt sa...

Thanks for stopping by Daisy!

Yes, I think so too.
Now we are going to show photos of my mamma-Cajsa tomorrow, Tuesday.

Cindy sa...

Great pictures of your babies.

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