lördag 19 december 2009

PhotoHunt Theme #192 "Fast" / Fotojakt tema nr 192 "Fort"

Sara Cat has been kind enough to allow me space on her blog for a non-cat-post today. Here we see the children just a couple of years ago. Time flies. They look so little here. / SaraKatt har generöst tillåtit mig använda hennes blog till ett icke-katt-inlägg idag. Här ser vi barnen för bara ett par år sedan. Tiden går fort. De ser så små ut här.

This is Elisabet's snowman, that is almost as tall as she is. / Här ser vi Elisabets snögubbe, som är nästan lika lång som hon.

This is Erik wearing a yellow snow-suit that Elisabet has taken over. Yesterday was Erik's birthday. He turned eight.

Det här är Erik iförd en gul overall som Elisabet tagit över efter honom. Han firade födelsedag igår. Han fyllde åtta igår.

This is a photo of they're lastest snowman taken just a few days ago:
Det här fotot, taget bara ett par dagar sedan, visar deras senaste snögubbe:

So my take on this week's PH-theme "fast" is: "Children grow up fast!" / Så min tolking av veckans fotojakt är:
"Barnen växer så fort!"
Merry Christmas!
Anna & Sara Cat
God Jul önskar
Anna & SaraKatt


12 kommentarer:

Rebecca sa...

And the older you get, the faster life seems to pass by! I can't believe my oldest is child is 27 already

Sara Katt sa...

Ain't that the truth!
Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I am so late with this, you will probably be the only one.
Purrs & nosetaps,

Sparkle sa...

As they've gotten bigger, the snowmen have gotten smaller!

Anonym sa...

So true and great snowmen too!

Daisy sa...

Time does go by so quickly! My Mommeh can't believe I am almost six years old now.

Anonym sa...

All kids...human and furry alike...grow up SO quickly.

Love the snowmen!! ;D

Cindy sa...

They grow up too fast don't they. Lovely photos.

Bull Rhino sa...

That has certainly been a common take on the theme. It's amazing how we all seem to feel that way about it. It is an excellent point and fits the theme perfectly.

Pam sa...

Great photos of the kids. They do grow up so fast!

Anonym sa...

What wonderful kid photos! We SO know what you mean. We can't believe our sisfurbean is 3 and a half already!

Cats in trees sa...

They do grow so fast (or the snowman gets smaller?). We hope Erik had a very happy birthday.

mariposa sa...

Oh so true. Time runs fast. Happy holidays! :)

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