torsdag 30 september 2010

K is difficult - Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday -K

Hello. My name is Sara Cat. I was awaken this morning by my Mommie/Mummy, Anna, of Anna's Adornments and she asked me to help her write a post for Mrs Denise Nesbitt's ABC-Wednesday meme. I was not fully awake, as you can see in this second photo.

When my eyes are open, I look like this. This is my blog's avatar. (I know, it is not very sharp. I am working on a new one.)

Anna's avatar looks like this.

Anna dropped a crumpled envelope on the bed beside me and asked me to finish writing her poem and post it and link it to ABC-Wednesday where lots of other posts about words that begin with the letter K are listed and linked.

I took a look at the crumpled envelope and saw lots of words that begin with the letter K. I then typed and edited her poem.

Here it is:

K is difficult (that's the title)

K is a difficult letter.
But is there any better?

It's Kingly and feudal and cold.
It's Knightly and Kneeling and old.

It's Kinship, Kinfolk and Kinsmen.
It's Kilted and 'beyond my Ken'.

It speaks kindly, without mettle,
The warmth of Kitchen and Kettle.

It is also warm Knitted mittens,
Or playful Kalico Kittens.

It's promise-Keeping and Keepsake.
K envys C for words like Cake.

K has one trump card over C,
And that is the little word Key.

Sara Cat

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4 kommentarer:

mrsnesbitt sa...

Wow! What a Klever Kat! lol!
Great poem will show it to my cat Ella - see if she gets any inspiration!

Thanks so much

ABC Team

Roger Owen Green sa...

How is it that you type better than I do? Grrrrr (that is NOT a dog, BTW)
Klever katt.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Tash sa...

A Kapital poem! Even a Kanine would love it. Happy day to hard-working Sara Katt and Mum
Greetings from Palos Verdes, CA

Nanka sa...

Lovely poem and kompleted well!! Liked the Kat too :)

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